Bottles + Banter at DisneySEA

Hi, we’re Brittany + Nick

We both grew up in small-town Ohio and dated throughout high school. And then we attended The Ohio State University; we’re proud Buckeye alums. In 2011, we got married and about a year later started working on the newest member of the clan. After a three year struggle with infertility, many fertility treatments, and ultimately IVF, we had our first child, Olivia. A few years and IVF treatments later, our second child, Everett, made his appearance. We also have an energetic Goldendoodle who is 11 years old, but acts more like 10 months. We’re marketers, bloggers, and travelers. But most importantly, we’re busy parents!

What is Bottles + Banter?

Bottles + Banter is a parenting and family blog based in Chicago, IL. We focus on parenting for busy parents. You will find a variety of topics including travel, product reviews, life after infertility, and any other topics we find interesting. As the name suggests, mom and dad tend to have differing opinions on family decisions, which we call playful banter. Often you get only one side of the story, but we’ve decided to include both outlooks as you would find in many real life situations.

We’re glad you’re here and hope you find Bottles + Banter entertaining and useful!

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