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If your upcoming travel plans include taking a trip with an infant, you have likely started thinking about what you’ll need to squeeze into that diaper bag. Babies who are fed by the bottle will likely need some type of milk warming mechanism. Enter Warmze. The Warmze is portable bottle warmer that can be used anywhere. Short trips, long trips, grocery store outings, you name it. It was created by a concerned mom who would panic every time the baby would get fussy during an outing and she could only stand by and wait for the bottle to warm to room temperature.

WarmZe Bottle Warmer | Bottles & Banter

What makes the Warmze so great for travel?

There are several portable bottle warmers on the market. So what makes the Warmze so great?

Heats multiple bottles

Many of the bottle warmers out there can only heat one bottle until you need to replenish boiled water or find an electrical source. The Warmze can heat bottle after bottle on the go, so you don’t need to worry about rationing or racing home for the next bottle.

Simple setup in 2 steps – no water, batteries, electric or car charger needed

When you’re preparing for a trip, speed is key. The Warmze can be fully assembled in 2 easy steps. You just place your prepared bottle in the Warmze BottleSoc and pull up on the outer layer of the BottleSoc. Then you wrap the air activated warmer around the inner layer of the BottleSoc and pull down the outer layer of the BottleSoc. Fast and simple. Just how it should be.

Lasts for up to 10 hours

Not all trips involve a quick 30 minute stroll to the post office. Sometimes you’ll be away from home or your hotel for an extended period of time. The Warmze stays heated for up to 10 hours, so you don’t have to worry about watching the clock while you’re away. Plus, you can use each warmer wrap for 3-5 bottles a day.

Ruffle designs helps eliminate messes while on the go

WarmZe Bottle Warmer | Bottles & Banter

The large cotton ruffle is made to keep both baby and bottle dry by absorbing any potential leaks. Any leaks that do occur are easy to wipe clean. Plus the BottleSoc is reusable, so at the end of the day, just throw it in the laundry. No more crying over spilled milk.

Works with all types of bottles

If you already have a preferred bottle brand at home, you can rest easy knowing it will work in the Warmze. Or for parents experimenting with different bottle brands, you don’t have to worry about which to bring along on your trip. Bring a couple because Warmze will work with any style.

What comes in the starter pack

When you purchase the starter pack, you’ll have two options: small and large. The small starter pack fits bottles 4-6 ounces and the large fits bottles 8-11 ounces. In each, you will get one patterned BottleSoc along with two biodegradable warmer refills. If you run out of warmers, you can just log on and purchase a refill kit (packed with 4 warmers). If you want to purchase a second style sock, you can also purchase them individually.

WarmZe Bottle Warmer | Bottles & Banter

How does the Warmze work

Each warmer takes about 30 minutes to heat your baby’s bottle to the perfect temperature of 90-104 degrees. This is the tepid temperature recommended by pediatricians.

Ultimately, this is a great product to keep tucked away in the diaper bag. Whether planned or unplanned, you never know when you’ll need a method to warm up your bottle on the go. It’s soft and comfortable for the baby, and the patterns are adorable. Our one critique is that the warming pads aren’t reusable. So you have to remember to re-stock when you are running low. It can be challenging to remember if at times you’re scatterbrained like me. Just make sure to set a reminder for yourself!

We’re also thrilled that Warmze is giving away starter kits for 5 readers. And just in time for Summer travel. Enter below to win one so you’ll be worry free on your next vacation.

WarmZe Bottle Warmer | Bottles & Banter

5 winners will each receive a Warmze large green elephant starter kit. Each starter kit contains one patterned sock and 2 biodegradable warmer refills.

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Disclosure: I received these products for the purpose of this review.


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