How to Cope with the Stress of a Newborn

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You’ve spent the past 9 months growing your little one and enduring an endless string of new pregnancy symptoms. And you think once you meet that adorable little baby all will be good. But preparing for and taking care of a new baby comes with its own set of challenges. There are a lot of great articles out there eliminating stress during pregnancy. But what about finding the calm in the middle of the storm during all those sleepless nights? We put together a list of ways you can help manage your new parent stress and add a touch of relaxation to your day. If you haven’t yet given birth, prepare ahead of time with these simple techniques.

Melt Away Stress with a Massage

Coping with Newborn Stress | Bottles & Banter

You deserve it after 9 months of baby prep and planning. Give it at least a few days to recover from childbirth and then head to your nearest massage center or spa. There are many places that specialize in pregnancy and postnatal massage. If you’re in the Chicago area, Pulling Down the Moon is my personal favorite, but there should be plenty of options in your local area. If you can’t get away from home, create your own at-home-spa complete with candles, baths, and calming body products.

Ya, ya, ya. We get it. Who can leave the baby? We’re going to give it a go and let you know how it happens. I know my husband will be great with the kiddo. He can drop me off right after I feed her and then pick me up after my 30 minutes is up. At least, that’s the goal. Some people say they can’t even squeeze in a shower, so we’ll see what happens.

Take Your Newborn for a Walk

Coping with Newborn Stress | Bottles & Banter

This one works best in periods of warmer weather, but cool weather will also do the trick. Also: it’s much more realistic right away! Staying home with a newborn keeps you cooped up indoors for long periods of time. Grab the stroller and get out for awhile. Being outside will give you a chance to get some air and allow your new baby to explore a little bit.

Commit to One Date a Week as a Couple

Sure, it’s not going to be easy leaving your adorable new born baby to get out of the house. Try starting simple by planning a date night in. Order your favorite food and rent a movie you’ve been wanting to see. It will give you a chance to just relax and do something fun together. And after you’ve conquered the in home date planning, work your way up to a nice dinner out (even though we know you’ll be calling home a million times to check on the baby).

Turn up the Music

Music is great for relaxation. And everyone has their own style. Just because soft instrumentals are commonly thought of as “relaxation music” doesn’t mean that’s what you have to listen to. Whatever is going to put you in a happy mood and allow you to de-stress for awhile, that’s what you should go with. It may even serve a dual purpose and entertain the baby for awhile.

Cut Down on Trips to the Grocery Store with a Meal Delivery Service

Coping with Newborn Stress | Bottles & Banter

The dreaded grocery store. Store = Stress. Even before the baby’s arrival, I have never enjoyed trips to the grocery store. With a new baby in the picture, you’ll be even less likely to make the journey. Instead, invest in a meal delivery service. Typically, these services provide healthy options so you can maintain a balanced diet. Blue Apron is a popular option that has seasonal offerings. It will also allow you to do minimal cooking and no shopping. For bulk grocery shopping trips, check your local area to see if there is a grocery delivery service like Peapod. It will be a lifesaver in those first few months.

Plan Your First Family Vacation with the New Baby

Coping with Newborn Stress | Bottles & Banter

Everyone loves a good vacation. We are huge proponents of traveling to create new memories and experiences. And despite what many people say, you totally can travel with a baby. If settlers could take covered wagons across the country to California, we can handle a couple hours on a plane. In fact, check out our other post on baby gear that will make your life easier traveling with a newborn. Planning a vacation will allow you to see past the tough first few months of newborn life and look ahead to the beginning of new family memories. Even if you don’t anticipate taking a trip for awhile, it’s never too early to start planning. Our daughter isn’t even here yet and we’re already dreaming of beaches and tropical paradises.

Curl Up with your Baby and a Good Book

Books and relaxation are like spaghetti and meatballs. They just go together. You probably won’t have time while taking care of your newborn to sit and read an entire novel in one fell swoop, but you can read a few chapters here and there. So stock up on some of those books you have been itching to read. I also highly recommend the Cozy Reader Box. Not only does this feature a new book every month, but it also comes with some other goodies like coffee, tea, delicious treats, or scented candles to name a few. Everything you need for some much needed relaxation. Stress ain’t got nothin’ on a good book and hot cup of coffee.

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Coping with Newborn Stress | Bottles & Banter

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