Baby Bump Ball and its Many Uses

Bump Ball

So just to be clear, when we say baby bump here, we’re talking about the large inflatable ball. Not the baby bump pregnancy belly, though… now that I think about it, this could be a great future post. Ok, back to the baby bump ball. This is one of those cool products that both mom and dad can use. And for anything. From pregnancy (sorry dads – this one you’re exempt from) and baby, to exercise and posture. So naturally, we are both going to give our opinions on this one and how the Baby Bump can be beneficial for the whole family.

What is the Baby Bump Ball?

Baby Bump Ball | Bottles & Banter

First things first. It’s hard to talk about all the fun uses until you know what it is. In its most basic sense it is a large ball that you inflate with 6 little legs to keep it stable at the bottom. You’ve seen those yoga balls before. It’s a similar (but much improved) concept. They come in a variety of colors and you’ll be gifted your very own pump to blow it up. I was a little worried about how we were going to inflate it considering we don’t own bikes or obviously, a bike pump. But the box comes with everything you need: the ball, the pump, the plugs, and the instructions. Of course if you’re too advanced for the pump that comes with it, you can use your own bike pump.

Baby Bump Ball | Bottles & Banter

Mom Uses


With only weeks to go until the baby arrives, I am starting to get some serious back pain. I will try literally anything to get some relief. The Baby Bump is a great way to try out all those crazy positions to try and get comfortable. It can also work for light exercise. If I wouldn’t look completely silly using this in my very corporate office, I would undoubtedly bring this to work.

During labor 

If you’re ready for that baby to come and looking for strategies to induce labor, the Baby Bump can help. Rather than getting into all the science-y details, you can read more about how it can help speed up labor. I live a decent distance from the hospital, so I’m not looking for the speediest labor, but it’s worth a try if you’re overdue and want to try some different methods. I can also see how it would be very comfortable later in the labor process.

Soothing Baby

Baby Bump Ball | Bottles & Banter

I never really thought of this until I read more about the product, but the Baby Bump is a good way to calm the baby by gently bouncing. It resembles the motions baby felt in the womb, so it’s naturally soothing to them.

I know what you’re thinking: how can baby possibly use this? Well, she can’t. You have to sit and bounce her. Just wanted to clear that up. We don’t want another viral hamster incident.

Ok, for those curious: this is the hamster incident.


What I really like about this is that it’s a good way to get some exercise without having to leave the house. I can use this for simple stretches while having the baby right beside me. It’ll a win-win and a great way to get back in shape post-baby.

Dad uses

It’s pretty obvious what I use this for. As arguably the most uncoordinated individual around, I tend to shy away from things I can easily fall off of. I’m not trying to break my neck or anything by falling face first.

Post-Run Workouts and Stretching

The fingers at the bottom of the ball have saved me much embarrassment when trying to workout. I can actually do push-ups, sit-ups, etc after a run. Arguably, you actually have an easier workout as you aren’t trying to balance with your core, but I’ll take the slightly less whole-body approach to save me from hurting myself. If you are like me, the Baby Bump Ball makes a great introduction to more advanced techniques.

Baby Bump Ball | Bottles & Banter

Baby Bump Ball | Bottles & Banter

In the Office

Unlike Brittany, I don’t care if I look silly in the office. I use this every single day and I don’t care who knows it or sees me. It definitely took a while to get used to: the muscles you never knew you had start to get sore. And what I never even considered – the ball doesn’t glide like an office chair would! So just think about that when you need to move to get to a drawer or something.

The Takeaway

This is a great piece to keep in the house. It’s so simple everyone can use it and, frankly, it doesn’t take up much space. Plus it’s light and easy to move. If you were already considering a yoga ball for your office (home or otherwise) we’d strongly recommend this one! The Baby Bump Ball’s fingers at the bottom are a fantastic addition to an already great product.

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