How to Swaddle a Baby


For anyone that has never swaddled a baby before, the process looks fairly complex, but is actually pretty straightforward. I Googled some videos that show how to swaddle a baby, but never found one that I loved. So we decided to come up with our own visual that will help you on your quest to effectively swaddling your baby. Sure, the first few attempts may look fairly…interesting, but soon you’ll be swaddling that baby like a pro.

As a side note, traditional swaddling has recently been discouraged for nighttime sleeping. We’re not doctors and not here to offer medical advice, but just to steer on the side of caution, we also have a great nighttime approved swaddle alternative to show you.

But first….

How to Swaddle: A Crash Course

How to Swaddle a Baby | Bottles & Banter

And now that you are equipped with the knowledge on how to swaddle your baby using a traditional blanket, we have a product for you that will simplify the whole process. This is like that time in math class where you had to learn how to do derivatives and integrals the long way and then two weeks later you got a really quick, easy method. Well here’s the quick and easy method.

The Nüroo Swaddler

How to Swaddle a Baby | Bottles & Banter

The Nüroo Swaddler is a one size fits all swaddle that is specifically designed for safe nighttime sleeping. I found the design to be unique from many other swaddles on the market and was excited to test it out. Nuroo offers several different designs and we chose one of the newest patterns, Clouds + Wind. Here are some things we noticed about the Nüroo Swaddler and why it’s perfect for overnight sleep.

How to Swaddle a Baby | Bottles & Banter

Simple Design

The swaddle features a flexible closure that makes it quick and easy to swaddle your baby. This is especially convenient for squirmy little ones that don’t like to sit still while you assemble a proper swaddle. The fastener is adjustable so you can make sure the fit is nice and snug, preventing baby from making his/her great escape. One of the reasons doctors suggest you stay away from swaddles at night is that they tend to have loose material that babies can break out of and suffocate. This swaddle is designed to be secure and with no excess material, baby won’t be able to get it over his/her head.

Multiple Sizes

How to Swaddle a Baby | Bottles & Banter

A nice perk of this swaddle is that you won’t have to buy new one every time your baby hits a growth spurt. The Nüroo will fit babies newborn to 28″. The way it works is through 3 different pocket sizes. A removable grow seam is part of the design. So when your baby outgrows the current size, you simply follow the instructions on how to remove the grow seam and you’ll quickly have a larger size. The leg pockets are also roomy and easy to stretch for a more comfortable fit.

Breathable Material

How to Swaddle a Baby | Bottles & Banter

Another risk factor for SIDS is overheating. This is why doctors recommend you dress them only one layer extra than yourself and pay close attention to their temperature. When you dress the baby at night, you’ll most likely want a breathable material. The Nüroo Swaddler is made from a signature fabric. After talking with the company I found out they create the fabric themselves instead of ordering a stock fabric from a supplier. That way they can ensure they have control over the type of material being used to create a safe sleep environment. I really love this material. It almost feels like swimsuit material except with a softer feel.

So you’ve seen the long way to swaddle a baby. Now take a look at the quick and easy solution with Nüroo.

How to Swaddle a Baby | Bottles & Banter

Now you have two ways to swaddle your baby and can pick the best option for you!

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