BayB Bean Bags: A Comfy Spot to Nap

Baby Bean Bag

BayB Bean Bag | Bottles & Banter

When babies are first born, they nap all the time. They essentially spend their whole day doing one of two things: eating or napping. They might even interrupt the cycle with a diaper change once and a while. Since majority of your babies first days are spent sleeping, many companies have come out with products to help out. If you are pregnant or already have kids at home, you’re probably pretty familiar with the various rocker, swing, pack n’ play, bassinet, etc. options. Recently, I came across a new concept and was thrilled to be able to try it out.

BayB Bean Bags

The BayB Bean Bag is just as it sounds: a comfortable bean bag built for baby to sit and take naps in. The owners, Matt and Reid, created the company as two dads just trying to make a better life for their families. The bean bags have a ton of great features, making them an excellent alternative to the usual baby sleeping devices.

BayB Bean Bag | Bottles & Banter

Prevents Flat Head and Helps with Reflux

Parents are often told not to use certain products because it can cause flat head in babies. The BayB Bean Bag is specifically designed to discourage the formation of flat head. The construction is soft, yet durable so it conforms to your baby without the pressure found in many other products that contributes to flat head. The material also allows you to sit the baby upright during periods of acid reflux to provide comfort.

Soft, Easy to Clean Material

One of the most important considerations for any baby products is how easy it will be to keep clean. The BayB Bean Bag can be quickly wiped cleaned for smaller messes. For larger messes or for a regular cleaning, the outside cover can be unzipped and thrown in the washer. I love how the material is waterproof, but it doesn’t take away from the feel of it. Many waterproof materials are scratchy or uncomfortable looking. This bean bag is waterproof, but also extremely soft and cozy.

The Safety Factor

BayB Bean Bag | Bottles & Banter

Anything with beans has you wondering what happens if a leak occurs and baby accidentally ingests one. I mean, many of us had bean bags at some point in our lives. We grew up in the 90’s. Leaks were bound to occur. This has been accounted for in the construction of the bag. Each is double stitched to ensure no pesky beans can escape and cause problems. Not only do you need to consider the bean safety issue, but how is baby going to stay put in this thing? The design features a seat belt to keep your kiddo safe and secure. It’s also made from a soft material so it won’t rub up against your baby’s skin and cause discomfort.

Travel Friendly

Baby products that are portable are just the best. One of the best things about the BayB Bean Bag is that it’s so easy to carry around. I was wondering how heavy it would be and found it is really lightweight. Perfect to carry from room to room and also easy to pack up for a nice little trip away from home.

The Verdict

W love this bean bag for our little one. It has many great benefits. It’s stylish. It’s cozy.

And while you’re getting your bean bag, BayB also makes many other great products. They sent us one of their changing mats as well as a carseat canopy.

Diaper Changing Mat

BayB Bean Bag | Bottles & Banter

My favorite thing about the diaper changing mat is that it’s compact and portable. It wraps up neatly so you can really take it anywhere. You can put it in the diaper bag or clip it to the stroller. It also has big mesh pockets that can fit all your handy diaper changing supplies.

Carseat Canopy

BayB Bean Bag | Bottles & Banter

Another convenient baby product is a carseat canopy. The BayB version is great because it can be used year round. The material on this is in between something lightweight and heavy, so you can keep it on the carseat in the summer and the winter. Not having to switch back and forth during the changing seasons is a major benefit in my opinion. They also have adjustable straps so you can ensure it will fit your carseat brand. And they come in lots of stylish designs.

BayB Bean Bag | Bottles & Banter

BayB Bean Bag | Bottles & Banter

We highly recommend the bean bag for a unique, functional napping spot. But all the BayB products make great gift options, so check it out for yourself!

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