Breastfeeding Essentials For New Moms

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It’s no secret that breastfeeding can be challenging in the early weeks. Whether a seasoned pro or a newbie, there’s really no downplaying the bumps in the road that come with nursing. As a new mom, I searched all over for ways to make breastfeeding easier. While there is no magic formula (Heh. Get it? – Nick), there are products that can help. These are some of the best nursing supplies I found to keep close by.

Boppy Breastfeeding Pillow

Olivia Boppy

If you’ve never been one to keep those arm muscles toned, that will all change with a new baby. Newborns eat 8-12 times a day. That’s a lot of constant holding and supporting. And you’d think the baby is only about 8 pounds, it can’t be that hard. It does get tiring no matter how strong your arms are, which is why I recommend getting a nursing pillow. And as far as nursing pillows go, the Boppy seems to be a fan favorite. It’s portable, comes in a variety of styles, and easy to clean. Don’t leave this off your nursing checklist.

Snacks for Strength

Gorilly Goods

Speaking of needing your strength, most moms need on average 500 extra calories in their diet while breastfeeding. One of the best decisions I made while breastfeeding was to keep snacks close at hand. Recently, I came across a product called Gorilly Goods. They are organic snacks that are filled with protein and made for strength. Often used for maintaining strength during athletic activities like running and hiking, I found these snacks are also well served for busy moms.

Organic Protein Snacks

Gorilly Goods come in a variety of flavors, like fruit & nut, chocolate, and pumpkin seeds & kale. They are packed with protein, so you’ll be able to keep up your strength. I like to keep them in a basket beside the glider for a quick and easy snack while nursing, but these are also perfect for traveling. Not just for breastfeeding moms, I recommend these snacks for the entire family. Especially busy families who are always on the go. The chocolate is my favorite, with a healthy, yet slightly sweet taste.

Pain Relief

Lansinoh breastfeeding therapy

On a more intimidating, but real topic, pain is generally synonymous with breastfeeding. Typically the pain is short lived, but nonetheless requires some strategies for relief. I like to keep ibuprofen in my nursing basket, and beside the bed, for relief as needed. I also love these cooling gel pads from Lansinoh as well as their therapy packs. If you need quick relief, you can also use an ice pack to provide some much needed relief after a nursing session.

Nursing Cover

Nursing Scarf

Most new moms are weary about nursing in public. I know it has caused me to feed before going somewhere or avoid certain places altogether. For this reason, I suggest investing in a comfortable nursing cover or scarf to take with you on baby outings. I am very pro women feeling empowered to breastfeed in public, but taking along a nursing cover may help as you build confidence and feel more comfortable. I like this scarf from NüRoo. It comes with snaps for versatile looks.

Phone Charger

Another item to keep in your nursing essentials basket. At first, you may focus entirely on the baby and keep your phone far from reach. But after you nail down your nursing strategy, your phone can be kept nearby for those long nursing sessions. Even if you choose not to use any technology while feeding, you may want to use the time to get your phone all charged up. After all, the battery probably dies pretty quickly after sending all the adorable baby pictures to family and friends.

Water Bottles

If extra calories and building strength are important, water is equally as imperative. One problem I had in the beginning was forgetting to get something to drink and then not being able to hydrate until after the feeding was finished. Grab some water bottles and keep them in your nursing basket or nearby your usual nursing spot so you’ll always have a way to hydrate. We all know how beneficial water can be, so do yourself a favor and stock up in advance. You’ll be happy you did.

Everyone has their own products and solutions to get through the difficulties of breastfeeding. These are some of my favorites that saved me in these early weeks. And I’m also excited to announce Gorilly Goods would like to give one reader a variety pack of their delicious, organic snacks. Whether you are breastfeeding, a busy parent, or want something healthy for the kids, these snacks are great for everyone.

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