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A 12 week old entering the teething stage is a very scary thing. At first we thought there was no way it could be teething because it’s so early. When we talked to the pediatrician, she kindly informed us teething can and has happened this early and to buckle our seat belts for the ride. She told us she’s seen babies as young as 3 months get their first tooth. That’s terrifying. We learned what early signs to look for during the process and are here to share some of that knowledge with all of you. Sidenote: we aren’t doctors and in no way is this medical advice. Just our experience that may be of help to other confused parents out there.

The hands in the mouth…constantly

Wristy Buddy | Bottles & Banter

As Olivia started gaining control over her arms, the very first thing she discovered was putting her fingers in her mouth. It started out as a once-in-awhile type occurrence and became an all day affair. Originally we thought it was a self soothing tactic until it became so regular we had to accept that it was more likely teething. It is very normal for babies to put the hands in the mouth around 3 months, so it definitely doesn’t single out teething, but just something to keep in mind.

Drool, drool, and more drool

Every time I would look at Olivia, I would wonder if I forgot to clean off her face or whether she was spitting up. It wasn’t until I saw her drooling in action that it became obvious the extra wetness was caused by teething. I also noticed her hands were a little more slobbery than usual, which turned out to be another major sign.

Rubbing the face

This one was really hard to distinguish as teething because for the most part, it just looked like she was tired. Except she would be rubbing her face at all hours of the day with no rhyme or reason. That’s when you know this could be the real deal for teething. Apparently it’s a response to the pain they may be feeling with teething. Rubbing the face is a counter mechanism to lessen the pain.

Facial Rashes

With all that excess drool it’s no wonder the face will be affected in more than one way. If extra drool is constantly coating your baby’s face, it’s highly likely a rash could develop on the face as a result. Olivia started to develop little splotches that made us think something was going on. And that something was teething.

No longer a happy camper

Teething leads to pain and pain leads to an unhappy baby. This one is pretty self explanatory and one of the most noticeable signs. Of course babies cry for so many different reasons, but if accompanied by the above symptoms, an extra cranky baby can definitely correspond to teething.

What can you do to help?

Just as you would use an ice pack to alleviate your pain, the same concept can be applied to a teething baby. Use a cool washcloth or chilled teething ring to rub on your baby’s gums. The cold will help soothe any pain they are feeling. Breastfeeding is another solution as it provides comfort to your little one. If all else fails, give your baby some tylenol for temporary relief. Painkillers such as tylenol should be used sparingly, but can be very effective. There are also many teething toys you can purchase to help manage the pain. This brings me to my next point.

The Wristy Buddy

Wristy Buddy | Bottles & Banter

When I first saw this, I fell in love with the idea. And when I was able to try it with the baby, I immediately decided it would have to become a staple for the diaper bag. For those unfamiliar, Wristy Buddy is a teething toy that attaches to your baby’s wrist. One reason this toy completely rocks is that it’s drop-on-the-germy-floor proof. Before Wristy Buddy, one of two things would happen to me: either my arm would fall asleep from holding up a toy to her mouth for so long, or she’d hold a toy for 3 seconds and then drop it. Wristy Buddy keeps the toy firmly in place so your baby can use it whenever needed.

Wristy Buddy | Bottles & Banter

By the way, it’s part rubber, part stuffed animal. The best of both worlds. And they come in so many cute animal shapes. We were given a variety of animals to try and I love them all. I’m partial to the crab because I love the play on words. A crab for a crabby baby. That’s conversation starter gold right there. After trying them all out, I can safely say they are high quality and will make it through all of your baby’s rigorous gnawing and chewing. They double as a fun toy. And they work perfect. I wondered if it would be difficult for her to bring to her mouth, but she does it so well. As pain medication like Tylenol is not recommended for a long term solution, I recommend getting one of these little guys to help with the process. We are just at the beginning and I hear it’s a long road. Have your plan in place before all the fun begins.

We’re also so happy that our friends at Wristy Buddy want to give one away so you can try it for yourself. Enter below for your chance to win the Wristy Buddy of your choice.

Wristy Buddy | Bottles & Banter

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