Tonttu Box: Mom and Baby Pampering

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Tonttu Box: Mom and Baby Pampering | Bottles & Banter

Last week was my first week back to work after three amazing months with Olivia. Like most other moms out there, it was a difficult week, made even more difficult with minimal sleep (sleep regression is a real thing, apparently). Of course, what made it easier was thinking all day about getting home to hug and play with my sweet girl. It was also around the time I received my Tonttu Box. If you haven’t heard of Tonttu before, it’s a monthly subscription box filled with items to pamper mom and baby. And it was such a welcome surprise after a tough week.

How Tonttu Box Works

Tonttu Box: Mom and Baby Pampering | Bottles & Banter

The process is a quick and easy three steps:

  1. You pick your box based on which stage of motherhood you are in. It’s a simple selection with just two choices: you’re either a soon-to-be mommy or you are already a mommy. I suppose you could also be both, but in that situation it’s probably just your call which you choose.
  2. You have your box delivered. On the 5th of every month your box will be sent out. And from here it can take 2-4 days for it to actually arrive.
  3. You enjoy your goodies and repeat the process.

What’s Inside Tonttu?

Each box contains items handpicked for both mom and baby. Tonttu partners with small businesses to bring you a selection of unique items. Examples of products they’ve filled their boxes with include bath and body care, handmade toys for your little one (with gender and age taken into account), fun and healthy treat, and educational books. Backing up to the part about gender and age, Tonttu asks you the gender and age of your kid(s) so they can plan accordingly. The age ranges are 0-12 months, 12-24 months, and 24-36 months. If you’re pregnant, you’ll be asked which trimester you are in.

Tonttu Box: Mom and Baby Pampering | Bottles & Banter

Here’s a peek at what we received in the September box:

You can also check out their past boxes here to get an idea of what they have to offer.

And Now for my Thoughts

Tonttu Box: Mom and Baby Pampering | Bottles & Banter

The nice thing about Tonttu is that all products are full sized. If you’ve ever received a subscription box before, you know sometimes you’ll be given sample size products. I’m not a big fan of that because I feel like you need to use something more than once to find out if you really like it. Plus, you’re spending money on the box. I dang well want to get actual products! I also love that the products are made by small businesses. Who doesn’t want to support small business? They often involve unique, handcrafted products. In fact, my favorite item from the box was the Cuddly Doodle. It was so different than a lot of the baby toys out there. And Olivia loves all the bright colors. Until I checked out the shop, I didn’t realize you can also buy blank toys and color on them yourself with permanent fabric markers.

Tonttu Box: Mom and Baby Pampering | Bottles & Banter

Another product I have to mention here is the gold painted rose bath bombs. I’ve used these a few times after a long day at work and nice glass of wine. They smell amazing and they look beautiful. They were almost too pretty to use. These bath bombs are handcrafted ensuring no two pieces are the same. This is the other thing I love about small businesses. The products are so detailed and a ton of work goes into making each one.

My only critique was the book included in the box. It was quite a bit above Olivia’s age range, so I didn’t think she would get much use out of it yet. Not a deal-breaker, but I would have loved a more basic picture book suited to her age. At 3 months, the book was just too long and more grown up for her.

On the whole, Tonttu scores high marks for originality. Each product is unique and I love how they are made in limited quantities. Tonttu also does a theme with each box. September was “Queen Mommy” and included products every mom needs to relax and feel like a queen for a day.

For a little mom and baby pampering, join the Tonttu club. Bonus: use coupon code FALL16 to save 20% on your order.


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