4 Luxury Baby Products You Never Knew You Needed

Admit it. If you’re a parent or a soon-to-be parent, you’ve been swooning over the excessive bathtub and extravagant crib. They even make organic baby purees. Salmon and sweet potato anyone? And unless you’re British royalty or the CEO of a major corporation, these items probably aren’t on your list of baby essentials. And while most of us can’t justify dropping cash on the latest and greatest spaceship looking car seat, there are luxury products out there that are affordable and built for those of us looking to add a touch of luxury to our list of baby must haves. Everyone has their favorites and here are four of ours:


4 Luxury Baby Products | Bottles & Banter

For those of you that regularly read our blog, you know we’re obsessed with the Dockatot. It could have something to do with the fact that it’s the only way we could get Olivia to sleep for the first couple months. Or it could be that it has endless applications. Tummy time, naps, playing, lounging, traveling, cuddling, and even changing for those brave enough. There’s really so much you can use it for that makes the $185 price tag worth it. If you’ve ever traveled on a plane with a baby and not had one of these, you’ll be thrilled when you find out how much easier this makes flying. It’s also made from durable, quality fabrics so you can use it long term and for multiple kids. At first I wondered how it could possibly be worth the price. Then we received one as a gift and I never looked back.

Ju-Ju-Be Diaper Bag

4 Luxury Baby Products | Bottles & Banter

There are a lot of diaper bags out there and many options for securing a high quality one. Ju-Ju-Be just happens to be our pick. When choosing a diaper bag, you probably have two essential qualities in mind: you want it to have lots of storage room and you want it to be durable. Fun colors are just icing on the cake. The Ju-Ju-Be meets both these criteria. Like most parents, we take the diaper bag everywhere (so much so that it has become my new purse) and it still looks in brand new condition. Granted, it’s only been 3 months, but we’ve put it through the ringer on all our travels and spills, and it’s still just as we got it. In addition to durability, you’ll want something highly functional with lots of room and pockets.The Ju-Ju-Be definitely has you covered there. Literally we’ve had it for 3 months and I’m still discovering new pockets. It also has a mommy pocket for keys and sunglasses, a memory foam changing pad (see, luxury), a quick reach pocket for your cell phone (if you’re like me and it has become your purse), and insulated bottle pockets. Oh, and it has a crumb drain. I could go on and on, but we would be here all day.

Finn + Emma

4 Luxury Baby Products | Bottles & Banter

Finn + Emma is your one stop shop for modern and organic baby clothes. It’s a little spendy, but the quality is fantastic. We have the convertible gown for Olivia and love it! The price is $36, which is a little higher than we normally pay, but it’s great because you can use it as either a gown or coverall. The fabric is really soft and nice. You don’t have to worry about that thin fabric that rips really easily. It’s flexible, organic, and the snaps are really easy. If you’ve ever changed a baby at 3am, you’ll be so thankful for easy snaps.

4 Luxury Baby Products | Bottles & Banter

We also have the rattle buddy and stroller set. If you have a bored baby on your hands, both these toys provide some great entertainment options and are hand knit.


4 Luxury Baby Products | Bottles & Banter

Nuhni is an organic baby company famous for using only the best materials in their products. They sent us their popular washcloths and teether to try and I was impressed from the start. Let’s just say if you’re using those ridiculously thin washcloths from Target, I recommend stepping up your game with these washcloths. It’s such a night and day difference.

4 Luxury Baby Products | Bottles & Banter

These washcloths are some of the softest I have ever felt. They are made with hemp, which kills odor and germs so you don’t have to worry about unpleasant musty smells after long-term use. They are also hypoallergenic and have a hemp faux-fur fabric to ensure they get sudsier than your run of the mill washcloth. Also, we love how thick it is. After sitting in the bath for a few minutes, Olivia’s smile quickly fades as she starts to get cold. These washcloths essentially double as a bath blanket and they keep her nice and toasty warm for the duration. If you’re on the fence about investing in nice washcloths, they have a lifetime guarantee. If they fall apart, Nuhni will replace them for you. Oh and if you’re jealous of your baby, they also make an adult version of these bad boys.

4 Luxury Baby Products | Bottles & Banter

The Nuhni teether is another essential on our list for a teething baby. And if your little one is anything like ours, that could start as early as 3 months. These teethers are great due to their multi uses. Mom (or dad!) can wear it around the neck when holding the baby to keep him or her pre-occupied. Plus, if you have a baby that likes to pull hair, you’ll love that they have something different to tug on. It’s also handy to attach to the handle of a car seat or to give to the kiddo during nursing to keep them entertained. You can then hand wash the maple ring and throw the fabric into the wash for easy cleaning.

Pro Tip: Nuhni recommends adding a little coconut oil into the wood for flavor. Game changer.

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