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Wild Friend Foods Almond Butter | Bottles & Banter

Guys: I am not going to lie. This is a really simple recipe. Oh, it’s delicious. For sure. But come on. It’s basically a Peanut Butter and Jelly that’s warmed up. It’s totally worth a read, though. The delicious almond butter is really the star of the show.

We missed National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day by a slim margin: April 2nd. I know, it’s right up there with missing, say, Christmas. So we thought we may as well get an early start on National Sandwich Day, which takes place on November 3rd. That gives you plenty of time to perfect this delicious treat. And since we’re still a little bitter about missing National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day (can you tell?), we’re going to give this PB&J a twist by creating an almond butter and homemade jam recipe. We have our friends at Wild Friend Foods to thank for the creamy almond butter that totally makes this sandwich.

The Really Long List of Ingredients:

Makes 2 sandwiches

Wild Friend Foods Almond Butter | Bottles & Banter

The Super Complicated Directions for your Almond Butter and Jam Sandwich

  • Get that skillet/griddle/cast iron pan warmed up
  • Start out by buttering (butter butter, not almond butter) one side of each slice of bread
  • Put almond butter on the other side of two of the slices as shown above
  • That hot cast iron? Put the butter buttered side down on there
  • Put the jam on the other two pieces of bread
  • This part is key: Join the almond butter and the jam
  • Grill until golden brown on either side
  • Remove from skillet and turn off the stove
  • Cut diagonally (because any other way is sacrilegious)
  • Enjoy!
Wild Friend Foods Almond Butter | Bottles & Banter
You are now starving for this, aren’t you. I need another.

Alternative Serving Suggestions

If you love the almond butter recipe, Wild Friend Foods also makes a variety of other nut and seed butters that would make a tasty alternative to the almond butter. All of their products are 100% non-GMO, organic, and kosher. They also offer dairy free, peanut free, and palm fruit oil free options. Being 34 weeks pregnant, my favorite was the Protein + Peanut Butter. I’m not a huge fan of large portions of meat, so I was thrilled to have a delicious alternative. We also love the Chocolate Coconut Peanut Butter for a sweet, tropical taste. And I highly recommend the Sesame Cranberry Peanut Butter, which adds just a touch of tartness to the peanut butter.

Wild Friend Foods Almond Butter | Bottles & Banter

Try it out and let us know what you think. We’re working toward healthier diets to get ready for the baby, so this was the perfect solution for us. We also eat a ton of peanut butter in our house, so it’s always nice to have a healthy alternative to the usual brands.

And for all you peanut butter lovers out there, Wild Friend Foods is giving away a jar so you can experience the awesome quality for yourself. Enter below to win!

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