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Let me start off by saying we live in Chicago. The winters here are harsh and the air is bone dry. It’s bad. Like, we’ve hopelessly cycled through at least 10 different humidifiers trying to find something that will work. So needless to say, I knew this would be at the top of our list of baby products. If any of you are from a similar type of climate, then you know why a humidifier is a nursery must have. If you are lucky enough to live somewhere with year long moisture, well, you still need one of these. Humidifiers offer a wide range of benefits including clearing congestion, illness prevention, skin moisturization, snoring relief, and more. Here is a closer look at some of the ways the Crane humidifier can help your baby.

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Crane Humidifier’s Biggest Benefits

Protection against dry air

We all know babies are more susceptible to illness due to their slightly weakened immune systems. When the air is dry, particularly in the harsh winter months, the air is robbed of natural moisture, which can lead to sore throats and stuffy noses. A Crane humidifier will moisten the air, allowing your baby to breathe and sleep easier. If you’re baby already has a cold, the moisture will help to loosen up the sinuses. And for dry skin, which tends to be more common in babies, moisture can help to clear up that dryness and prevent problems like eczema.

Stop the Spread of Germs

It is believed that dry air spreads germs more efficiently. Since your baby’s immune system isn’t quite as established as your own, it’s better to play it safe. Humidifiers can provide moisture to the air, which lessens the risk of germs being spread within the household.

White Noise Machine

Pediatricians typically suggest babies sleep better when a room is not quiet. Babies hear all kinds of noises during pregnancy, so they are well adjusted to noise by the time they are born. Having a humming type noise in the nursery can be soothing to the baby, allowing for better sleep. The Crane humidifier is not noisy (especially when compared with most models), but has a very slight hum that should help baby sleep.

Year-Round Use

You may think humidifiers are only for the winter months or that you live in an area that doesn’t get all that cold. While you definitely lucked out of having to endure the freezing cold temperatures common in the north, your home still may not offer the humidity necessary to keep baby comfortable. Well regarded pediatrician Dr. William Sears recommends the nursery have a humidity level of 50% year round to prevent colds and runny noses. If your home does not maintain this humidity level on a regular basis, you will benefit from a humidifier. Even in the warmer months a humidifier can help you to maintain this level.

What Makes a Crane Humidifier Unique?

Here’s my take on how a Crane humidifier functions compares to other brands. And let me tell you, I’ve had a lot of experience and tried just about everything out there.

Cool Mist

I never really held too much stake in cool mist vs. warm mist. With a baby that all changes. Cool mist humidifiers are known to be safer as hot water spills and burns can occur if little ones get mischievous.

Does Not Require a Filter

This is potentially the best reason for using this humidifier. Changing filters is a huge hassle. For one, you usually forget to buy extra filters. And you also end up shoveling out additional money to keep up with filter changes. With the Crane humidifier, filters aren’t required, making this much more low maintenance. Yes, you do have to clean it regularly. In fact, when you open it to add water, there is a kind reminder. Crane recommends emptying the water basin daily and cleaning once a week. To empty and fill, just remove the top piece and unscrew the cap to the water basin.

Crane Humidifier | Bottles & Banter

To clean, just remove the water tank and empty the basin. Fill the water basin with 1/2 gallon warm water and add 2 tbsp vinegar. Shake several times, let sit for 20 minutes, shake again, and empty water basin. Rinse with water. Repeat this process for the water tank and you’re all done.

Automatic Shut Off

When the water runs out, the humidifier will automatically shut off. This helps prevent any sort of safety hazard or damage to the machine.

Mold Prevention

The base of the humidifier features an antibacterial to prevent mold and bacteria growth. This is reassuring to parents wanting to keep a clean, healthy environment for the kids.

Adorable Designs

Crane has a line called adorable humidifiers. You can choose from many different animals, which come in a variety of shapes and colors. They work well in a nursery, adding some character and allows you to find one to fit your personality.

Crane Humidifier | Bottles & Banter
Check out some more of their designs here.

Energy Efficient

These are more energy efficient than an average household lightbulb. That’s a big plus in my opinion. Babies are expensive. Save your money on other things rather than electricity bills.

Can Run for Up to 24 Hours

The one gallon tank can last 24 hours before requiring a refill. It will also mist up to 2.1 gallons of moisture per day. It can do a lot given it’s small size and the low maintenance is certainly a perk in my opinion.

The Rundown

Crane Humidifier | Bottles & Banter
Something to squeal about.

I really like this humidifier based on its cuteness factor and functionality. It seems to check all the boxes for an effective humidifier. It’s safe for baby and fairly low maintenance. My favorite aspect is the lack of a filter. When you’ve been stuck changing as many filters as we have, you really appreciate the convenience of a no filter model. The cons? Well, this humidifier is really designed for a small space. So if you have a large room, you may not find it as effective. It is not designed as a whole house, robust type of humidifier. It works best for a nursery or children’s room and the adorable animal designs can be comforting to your child. I’ve seen this on pretty much every registry I’ve looked at recently. It seems to be a popular choice for parents and I can attest to it being totally worth it.

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