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Water Wipes

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When putting together my list of baby must haves, some products are easy decisions. I’ve done hours of research of best brands and highest quality gear. Baby wipes, however, aren’t so cut and dry. (Who uses dry wipes?) Baby wipe brands all claim something different: sensitive, wet, moisturizing, high-quality, etc. But the truth is, I never really knew what any of it meant or what truly mattered. So for me, picking a pack of wipes was a shot in the dark. Literally, we just now bought wipes six weeks in because we were still using the hodge-podge mix from our Baby Shower. And that’s when we discovered WaterWipes.

Water Wipes | Bottles & Banter

What are WaterWipes?

WaterWipes are completely chemical free, making them perfect for baby’s sensitive skin. We all know your little ones have incredibly delicate skin. Much more so than than adults. I have incredibly sensitive skin to begin with, so I am determined to find suitable products that keep my baby protected in case she has inherited my unfortunate skin genes. WaterWipes are made from 99.9% pure Irish water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract. They are ideal for newborns and can be used right after birth. After trying them out, here are some of my thoughts and tips on keeping baby’s skin protected from damage.

Water Wipes | Bottles & Banter

I purchased my WaterWipes at Babies R Us, where I end up purchasing majority of my baby necessities. It was nice to find WaterWipes while picking up the other usual supplies in the five minutes between feedings and diaper changes. I always find the diaper and wipe displays so chaotic and full of options. Typically I just purchase a popular brand name product because there are too many options to choose from. I know – we’re professional marketers, we should be better, but who has the time?

Don’t Miss Them

Looking at the WaterWipes display, I likely would have missed it if I didn’t know what to look for, which is unfortunate because I found it to be a superior product to many of the other wipes I’ve tried. And I’ve tried a lot of wipes. While Babies R Us is my go-to, the WaterWipes site lists out all the stores where you can find them.

Water Wipes | Bottles & Banter

One of the things I strongly dislike about some baby wipes is when they are too dry. It’s hard and time consuming to get the little girl clean. So I was really hoping WaterWipes would not fall into this group. I found WaterWipes to be full of moisture, which was a huge relief. When compared to other popular brands, these wipes are slightly wetter. They are also durable and thick, two things that are very important when selecting wipes for your little one. Other brands may have a higher quantity in the box, but what good is it when you have to use 10 wipes to get the job done. I was worried a product with only two ingredients would be flimsy and useless. I was surprised to find out the wipes are both sturdy and chemical free – a win-win.

Water Wipes | Bottles & Banter
I swear she was quoting Zoolander, saying “Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty.” Of course rocking the signature “Blue Steel” look.

They’re Just Wipes. Who Cares?

Before I had my little girl, I never really understood brand preference when it came to things like wipes. It’s just a wipe after all. It’s not like it’s cereal, or toilet paper. Now that I have a baby, I totally get it. Everyone has their favorite and WaterWipes is quickly becoming ours. After becoming more experienced with diaper changes, I know why it’s important to have a quality product.

Water Wipes | Bottles & Banter

So check them out at your local Babies R Us. The 60 count package is only $3.99 – a great price for a simple product that will work well on your baby’s sensitive skin.

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