15 Tweets Perfectly Describing Parenting

You might find that work, parenting, sleeping, and other obligations keep you from getting on Twitter as much as you’d really like to. And that’s ok – it’s what we’re here for. Here are our 15 favorite Tweets that tell it like it is when it comes to parenting.

15 Tweets Perfectly Describing Parenting | Bottles & Banter

15. Dad’s ALWAYS know how to get out of trouble.

14. Wouldn’t know, still waiting on that one. But one can dream, right?

13. Color? Volume? Consistency? “Honey, this hummus is to die for.”

12. Don’t. Ever. Wake. A. Sleeping. Baby.

11. Yup. New Year’s Eve 2017, anyone?

10. Some babies will never learn.

9. One less thing to worry about.

8. Well, it’s the thought that counts.

7. Parenting emojis need to be a thing.

6. We’ll be the judge of that!


4. This is our favorite move.

3. When every way is wrong, no way is wrong.

2. You didn’t think we’d skip out on a #DadJoke, did you?

1. We’ve tried. It’s true. People just look at you like you’re the one with the problem.

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