Unique Baby Shower Gifts: Something Special

This post contains products that were given for review purposes and all opinions are based completely on our own experience.

There’s always that grey area when you’re attending a baby shower and trying to figure out what to get the new little one. You want to get something off the registry so the mom-to-be is set with everything a newborn baby requires. But at the same time, you know there will be a lot of bibs, onesie sets, blankets, bottles, burp clothes, etc. And don’t get me wrong. There is always room for more of each of these things. The last thing any new parent wants is to be doing laundry every day. And come on, can you really ever have too many diapers? We suggest getting something off the baby shower registry (could be something small) and pairing it with something unique and maybe not found on the registry. That way the new mom will have something she can use and you are also showering her with a little surprise gift. We’ve come across some really cool baby items and here are a few of our picks that you won’t find on every registry.

Princess Awesome

Baby Shower Gifts: Something Unique | Bottles & Banter

Baby Shower Gifts: Something Unique | Bottles & Banter

Many girls love dresses (or have parents that love to dress them in dresses). Some like pink and purple. Some like sparkles. And some like trucks and dinosaurs. Or what about the girl that has big aspirations to become a scientist or mathematician. It’s a simple concept really. Being able to twirl in a dress doesn’t have to be synonymous with bows, polka dots, and kittens.

Baby Shower Gifts: Something Unique | Bottles & Banter

Never stop exploring!

Princess Awesome was created to crush gender stereotypes. Their clothes represent their vision – “it is crucial that girls have access to clothes that tell them they can be and do everything”. It’s a powerful message that is never too early to learn. And that makes Princess Awesome clothing a very unique and meaningful gift.

Baby Shower Gifts: Something Unique | Bottles & Banter

Science Baby

It also doesn’t hurt that their 100% cotton jersey dresses are incredibly soft. Our daughter has sensitive skin. And I didn’t even hesitate putting this on her before running it through the washer. They start at size 3 months (fits 8-12lb babies) and go up from there.

New Mom Comics

Baby Shower Gifts: Something Unique | Bottles & Banter

Baby Shower Gifts: Something Unique | Bottles & Banter

Let’s face facts: parenthood is no walk in the park. Those first few months are a rollercoaster of amazing, challenging, new, exciting, and scary emotions. A lot of the things I was most worried about turned out to be a breeze and a lot of the things I spent mere seconds thinking about turned out to be some of the most difficult. Example: cutting a newborn’s microscopic fingernails for the first time is traumatizing. For everyone involved. In these moments, you just want a simple reminder that you normal. That you aren’t messing this whole parenting thing up.

Baby Shower Gifts: Something Unique | Bottles & Banter


New Mom Comics is a great gift to help pregnant moms ease their fears through humor. It’s also perfect for those tough moments in the first year when you just need a good laugh. The comics are hilarious and I found myself identifying with basically all of them. It will be welcome comic relief for any new mom (and dads too!).

Infantino Squeeze Station

Baby Shower Gifts: Something Unique | Bottles & Banter

This is a gift for a slightly older baby. From our experience, it has been such a help with introducing solids! Lots of registries have feeding supplies because the first five or six months go by in a flash and all the sudden it’s time for solid food. The Squeeze Station takes pureed food and packages it up into handy little food pouches. We are huge fans because it combines the convenience of pre-made baby food with the perceived health benefits and cost savings of homemade baby food.

Baby Shower Gifts: Something Unique | Bottles & Banter

It comes with a good amount of food pouches and is simple to use. They also don’t require a spoon, which makes them perfect for travel. The food pouches are also inexpensive to refill. There are a lot of food blenders, mixers, steamers, etc. out there, but not much in the way of handling it once it’s made. It likely won’t be on the registry, but is something the new mom will never knew she needed.

Travel and Spa Gift Cards

You’re probably wondering if this is a quiz to detect the thing that doesn’t belong with the rest of the baby shower gift list. But stay with me. Moms-and-dads-to-be hear any number of phrases on repeat. “Get sleep now because you won’t for the next 20 years”. They hear it from their family, friends, mailman, and barista at the nearest Starbucks. We always heard “travel now because when the baby comes, you won’t be able to travel anymore”. Let me be the one to say that for us, this was not the case. In fact, Olivia flies plenty. And we’ve encountered more kind people on our flights than angered. That’s not to say it’s easy. We’ve learned you have to make some changes and motivate yourself to get out and go. By giving the mama-to-be a travel gift card: airline, hotels, AirBnB, whatever it is, it will help the family to not fall into the trap of believing travel is no longer possible.

The same kind of thinking applies to spa gift cards. Many moms-to-be feel guilty or stressed leaving their little ones for a much deserved spa day. But something as simple as a manicure can completely relax and renew. Especially after days of speeding through showers and forgetting if you washed your hair. Another gift that won’t be on the registry, but will be super appreciated.

Indestructibles Books

Baby Shower Gifts: Something Unique | Bottles & Banter

Books are always a great and meaningful baby shower gift. And these books are different from the rest because as the name implies, they are indestructible. I can’t speak for everyone, but from our experience, the books have truly been indestructible. They are nontoxic and Olivia chews on these things for hours. She is completely in love with them. And they haven’t been ripped or ruined. They are also inexpensive – Amazon sells them for $2.50 – $6.00 depending on the book. They are an excellent add on to any baby shower gift and are ideal for younger ones that like to chew on everything. Apparently, you can also throw them in the dishwasher or washing machine if they get dirty. I haven’t tried this, but it’s a pretty sweet perk. These books are creative and genius.

Feltman Brothers

Baby Shower Gifts: Something Unique | Bottles & Banter

Can anyone really resist those insanely cute newborn baby clothes? By definition, anything tiny is adorable. And it’s pretty likely that the new baby will be going through a lot of clothes, so it’s always a great gift. Most registries are filled with onesies, swaddles, and sleepers. All great gifts and will also certainly get a lot of use. But sometimes there are occasions that call for something a little bit different.

Baby Shower Gifts: Something Unique | Bottles & Banter

Weddings, birthdays, church, holidays, or vacation are all occasions that may warrant a slightly dressier ensemble. Feltman Brothers is a great pick for expertly tailored, vintage clothing. Their designs have special touches like hand embroidery and lace.

Baby Shower Gifts: Something Unique | Bottles & Banter

There are a range of sizes from newborn to toddler. Bonus points if you plan ahead and match the assumed size with an upcoming holiday. The mama-to-be will be very appreciative when she can pull out that handmade, formal outfit for her little one.

You Can’t Go Wrong at a Baby Shower

No matter what you end up getting, it will be one less thing the mom-to-be has to worry about. If you’ve used any of these products, we’d love to hear your thoughts. And if you have any to add to the list, we always love hearing about your most useful baby items.

Tell us: what’s your favorite baby shower gift to give?




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