18 Items to Put on Your Amazon Baby Registry RIGHT NOW (For All Budgets)

8 Tips to Survive Being Pregnant with a Toddler at Home | Bottles and Banter
8 Tips to Survive Being Pregnant with a Toddler at Home | Bottles and Banter
You’ve got a baby on the way…. YAY! Now what?

If you’re overwhelmed by the sheer amount of baby products out there, you are most definitely not alone. We’ve been there. It’s exciting, but also a little bit nerve-wracking trying to navigate all the brands and figuring out which things you’ll actually use. The Amazon Baby Registry program is our favorite because, well, it’s Amazon and they have everything. And boy do we have a whole list of items to put on your Amazon Baby Registry. After two kids (one is now 3 and the other is 10 months), we have definitely learned a thing or two about shopping for babies. And we wanted to give you a list of of all the things we actually use on a regular basis to help you narrow down your list (ranked from lowest price to highest).

How Do You Get an Amazon Baby Registry?

It’s super easy. Just visit Amazon’s Baby Registry page and sign up. It’s honestly that simple. You get a welcome box with some cute samples, diaper discounts, a completion discount (basically a discount on things you didn’t get), and returns on things you decided you didn’t actually want.

Amazon Baby Registry
Create your baby registry here!

Baby Nail Clippers & Thermometer – $4.94

No one warns you about clipping your newborn baby’s fingernails. Probably because it is the activity that will scare the pants off you the most. BUT you can ease your fears a little bit with the proper gear. This Safety 1st Nail Clipper is the best $5 purchase anyone will ever make for you. It has a little light on it so you can see those microscopic nails as you hold your breath while pressing down. We’ve tried other brands when we’ve lost this one and they just can’t compete with this little guy. Luckily we’ve always found it and it’s hung in there with us for the past 4 years. Do yourself a favor and make sure this is on your list. Along with something to get

Dreaded Nail Clippers
Seriously, though, clipping baby nails is like heart surgery. The worst.

And one other thing you’ll want to make sure you include on your Amazon Baby Registry is a thermometer. Our preferred thermometer is this digital forehead one (sorry not in the price order but felt like we needed to mention it while on the topic of baby health). We tried that Kinsa smart thermometer that connects to your phone and didn’t like it. Personal preference I guess.

Braun Thermometer

For Breastfeeding – $12.94

I didn’t know about this little gadget with my first kiddo, but dang, it’s a must have for breastfeeding mamas. It’s called the Haakaa and while it can be used as a manual breastpump, the most amazing function of this little thing is that it can collect extra milk that otherwise would have been lost (and we all know every drop counts!). It’s lightweight, easy to clean, great for travel, and works like a dream. Seriously, include this on your registry. It’s amazing the amount of extra milk you can get with it and all the amazing reviews prove it.

Baby Registry Must: Haakaa Breast Pump
This thing is our breast friend. Saves SO much milk, especially in the early day of engorgement and overproduction

White Noise/Sound Machine – $17.95

It’s really quite impressive how great white noise can work at calming a crying baby. Originally, we got one of these to use at night for the calming sounds like rain or campfire. And it works great for that. But it also offers a range of colors you can pick from. And it makes an excellent white noise machine. And white noise is the biggest lifesaver. Protip: there are also lots of free white noise apps for your phone. They come in so handy! But this is Homedics Sound Machine great for it’s range of functions and we even travel with it. A great thing to include on your Amazon Baby Registry and totally affordable.

Homedics Sound Machine

Bottles – $18.49

Philips Avent and Dr. Brown’s bottles

Two kids. Two very different bottles preferences. Picking out bottles is probably the most challenging piece of planning your Baby Registry. Bottles come in every shape, size, and function these days. There are those designed to mimic the breast. And others to help with colic. The possibilities are all over the map. But two of the most popular are Philips Avent and Dr. Brown’s. One of our babies liked Philips Avent and the other liked Dr. Brown’s.

pipSquigz – $19.95

Another of our recommendations for a first baby toy is this sloth by Taggies. It’s a 2 in 1 teether and tag toy. Two things babies go crazy over.

Sloth Baby Toy

Anytime we talk about our favorite baby things, Squigz always seem to make the list. They are our pick for favorite baby toy for several reasons. You can easily take them and use them anywhere. The bathtub, the car, the plane, hanging out at home. They suction together so you can build all kinds of designs with them. And unlike legos, they are made from silicone so they don’t hurt quite as much when you inevitably step on them. These are the pipSquigz, which are bigger and more appropriate for younger babies (the regular squigz are recommended for toddlers). Can’t rave about them enough!

Baby Registry Dark Horse: Squigz!

Diapers – $24.27

This one may not sound like the coolest, most fun gift to receive from your baby registry. But set that aside and add Diapers to your list. You are guaranteed to use them and you’ll go through them so fast, you’ll be happy you stocked up. We tried several different diaper brands for both kids and swear by Pampers. They are great for sensitive skin and we’ve just liked them better than all the others. Protip: newborn diapers fit for approximately 2 minutes, so only get a pack or two and instead register for size 1.

Make sure you stock up on wipes too. The Pampers Sensitive ones with the flip tops are THE best.

Baby Carrier – $29.98

The baby wraps are great. And we actually own a Moby. But they come with a learning curve to figure out how to wrap it just right (and 4 years later I finally got the hang of it). We like the Infantino Flip for a baby registry because its so dang easy. You can put it on by yourself and avoid all the stress of learning to set up a wrap (though maybe include both because once you do learn it, they are so nice!).

Entertaining Car Mirror – $36.99

I know I’m probably starting to sound like a broken record, but this is another one of our absolute favorites to have on your Amazon Baby Registry. You may already be thinking of getting a car mirror to keep an eye on your little one while on the go. This one is next level (especially if your baby is like ours and just does not like being in the car for longer than 3 minutes). It’s the Brica Cruisin’ In Sight Car Mirror and it lights up and plays music and you can control it from the front seat with a remote. This mirror is the only thing that really kept our two babies entertained in the car until they were able to hold and play with toys. It’s totally worth it and great for both safety and entertainment.

Baby Mirror

Boppy Nursing Pillow – $39.99

No matter if you’re bottle feeding or breastfeeding, this little guy will save your arms. The Boppy is one of our favorite Amazon Baby Registry musts because they are so comfortable and make newborn feedings a million times easier. Plus it grows with your baby because after using it to support your newborn during feedings you can use it for tummy time and eventually as support to help your baby learn to sit up.

The Boppy Breastfeeding Pillow
This is another lifesaver of a product. Baby heads, no matter how tiny, get heavy after a while!

Diaper Backpack – $69.99

One thing people often overlook is the diaper bag. When it comes to choosing items for your Amazon Baby Registry, yes, there are some things you don’t really need to overthink. What you are planning to use for the diaper bag is not one of them. You want to think about your lifestyle and what will make the most sense for you. We travel often with our babies, so we wanted something super functional and resilient. We’ve been using the Jujube brand through two kids and it’s still going strong. Right now we are loving the Jujube Backpack Diaper Bags. They have so many pockets: a mommy pocket, one for your cell phone, one for a bottle. Just tons of storage! They are super durable and easy to clean. And the backpacks are easier to wear while holding a baby. It’s our go to brand and one we’d easily recommend. But whatever your choice, make sure you love it and you’d feel comfortable having it replace your purse. Because there’s a good chance that will happen.

Baby Registry Must: Ju-Ju-Be Diaper Bag

DockATot – $175

If you’re going to splurge on one thing for your Amazon Baby Registry, let it be this. The DockATot is probably our favorite baby product on the market. Yes, it seems pricey for a baby bed/lounger. But it’s worth every penny. This is the only thing both our kids would sleep in as newborns. And when you find something that gets your newborn baby to sleep, it’s automatically your favorite product. We’ve also heard countless other stories from friends that have had sleep success with the DockATot. Of course, every baby is different, but this thing is amazing for sleep, lounging, and travel. You can put it across your lap in the plane or lie it on the hotel room bed. And its so much more compact than hauling a pack n play. If your curious, check out our DockATot review!

The Incredible DockATot

Stroller and Car Seat – $299

Our advice is this: you don’t know which your baby will like until you try it out. You could go through 10 different types of bottles (seriously, we know people that have had to do that). So we recommend registering for a couple different brands. The two listed here are probably the most popular options, but you honestly can’t go wrong because at the end of the day you’ll have to test them out to determine your baby’s preference. One word of caution is to not load up on a bunch of one brand. It would be a super bummer to have a stockpile of bottles your baby doesn’t take.

Seriously, we LOVE strollers.

These two are lumped together because our recommendation is actually to include a travel system on your registry. There are a lot of options out there and we love, love, love the BOB, but it is pricey. For a newborn, you’ll likely want a stroller that can also fit the infant car seat, so typically you’ll need to get it as part of a travel system set. We recommend Graco for their durable, yet affordable travel systems. This is the one we put on our Baby Registry and it’s still going 4 years later. There is a less expensive set that we tried with our second baby, but it comes with SnugRide 30 instead of the SnugRide 35 and we just didn’t love the durability of the car seat so we ended up using our old set.

SnugRide 35 Travel System

If you’re an avid traveler, consider adding the GB Pockit. It’s for older babies 6+ months, but this is one of our favorite purchases we ever made. It folds up to fit under an airplane seat. And yup when you need lots of different gear for your baby every inch of saved space helps. Also, check out our companion site, Family on Standby, for videos and tips on traveling with your newborn.

GB Pockit Stroller

If there’s anything we missed, let us know about your favorite must have baby registry items.

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