PinkBlush Maternity: Review & Favorites For a Stylish Bump

Pinkblush Maxi Dress

Spring is in the air! That can only mean one thing: time for a wardrobe update. One of my favorite things about the changing seasons is that with each one comes an opportunity to freshen up the closet with new clothes. And in my opinion, Spring prints are the most fun! When PinkBlush asked if I would like to check out their PinkBlush Maternity styles, I was so excited! I had heard of them before and always thought their designs were cute and stylish. So of course I was thrilled to find some trendy maternity clothes to show off my growing bump.

PinkBlush Maternity: Baby Shower Chic

PinkBlush Maternity: Review & Giveaway | Bottles & Banter
Mint Green Maternity Dress

Spring, new clothes, and PinkBlush Maternity couldn’t have all come at a better time. I was getting ready for my baby shower and struggling to find a cute maternity dress. Nothing was really doing it for me because I wanted something fun and colorful, but with an attractive fit. After browsing the PinkBlush site, I found the perfect dress. If you have a baby shower coming up, I urge you to check out this Mint Green Floral Chiffon Dress. Seriously, it’s amazing. It looks like it was made with Spring and Summer baby showers in mind. And you can wear it to almost any occasion afterward. I plan to continue wearing it even after I’m back to my normal size.

PinkBlush Maternity: Review & Giveaway | Bottles & Banter
My baby shower dress! Looking forward to showing off my bump.

I have to say, I am very impressed with the quality. You never know what you’re going to get when you order from somewhere new online. My success rate wasn’t so great in the past, so I was eager to find out. The quality of the material is fantastic. I am confident it will last a long time (provided my clumsy pregnant self doesn’t spill food on it). The design is just as beautiful in person as it looks online. It is so adorable and feminine. And the cut is perfect. It leaves room for a growing belly.

Other Trendy Maternity Favorites:

Of course, I couldn’t stop there. I love all their maternity clothes designs. So after trying out one of the dresses, I had to go back and see what other cute maternity clothes I could pick up for my third trimester. Here are some of my favorite items:

PinkBlush Maternity: Review & Giveaway | Bottles & Banter
PinkBlush Maternity Maxi Dress

One of my favorite pieces that I purchased is the kimono. It is so comfortable! You can find them all on their website. PinkBlush is constantly updating their website with new looks, so you always have new options to choose from. While at 30 weeks pregnant I am interested in their maternity clothes, they also sell non-maternity clothes for women. Now that I’m hooked, I know where I’ll be shopping after pregnancy.

PinkBlush Maternity: Review & Giveaway | Bottles & Banter
PinkBlush Maternity Tops

Disclaimer: I received a dress from PinkBlush Maternity for review purposes.

And when you’re done shopping for maternity clothes, you can start shopping for the new baby


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