21 Best Family Instagram Accounts to Follow For Keeping It Real

thefunemployed family instagram parenting

It’s 2021. The perfectly posed family portraits where all the children are beaming as they look directly at the camera. Not going to cut it anymore. Simply put, it’s not real. You’ve probably seen the articles about how Instagram has attracted so called “fake influencers”, which extends to family accounts. Kids should be able to eat their meals without waiting for 500 perfectly composed IG snaps, dangit. So we’ve put together a refreshing list of the best family Instagram accounts to follow if you want real parenting. Cheers to being authentic.


Shameless plug alert. This is our own family travel account. If you’re new here or didn’t already know, we are an airline family. So we do all of our traveling on standby (aka we show up to the airport without a confirmed seat on the plane). Yikes, I know. It leads to some interesting experiences, I’ll say that. Our Instagram account follows all of our adventures. And we are totally into the candid life. We don’t pose our kids. We snap them in the moment and hope one of the 500 comes out not blurry.


hannahcarpenter best family instagram accounts to follow

Her account is full of laughs and she keeps it real. How freaking refreshing. Someone who doesn’t erase and rewrite captions 50 times to ensure they’re perfectly likeable by all. Her photos are beautiful, but she doesn’t fake it. And we love her for it.


erinloechner Instagram mom

She hosted an HGTV.com show and founded a company. Yet her IG feed is perfect without trying to be perfect, ya know what I mean? She also regularly uses #thegoodlist for, as you might guess, a list of all the good things in this world.


hurleysgo family instagram account

A family of 4 currently parked in London. They travel and have two adorable kids. They love the minimalist lifestyle. And they have a fun Instagram feed full of adventure.


allieunfiltered | best family instagram accounts to follow 2021

Working from home, kids, wine. Our kind of Instagram account. (Seriously, pass the wine.) If the name didn’t give it away, Allie is a Canadian mom who shares her family’s unfiltered life. She recently added another little one to her clan, which means lots of adorable baby pics.


outofofficefamily | family travel instagram account

Their goal is simple: encourage others to create lives they don’t need vacations from. They talk through home life, RV life, life with autism, and parent in general. Their feed is super raw and inspired. With some chuckles sprinkled in. And we can’t help but love all the outdoorsy vibes.


themomtrotter best family instagram accounts

A full time RV family, this crew of 3 is passionate and inspirational. Their Instagram feed is full of RV life, outdoorsy fun, and plenty of parenting. If you’re curious about the full-time RV lifestyle, they are a great family to follow.


thefunemployed family instagram parenting

They quit their corporate jobs for a journey around the world to bond as a family. Recently they moved back to Michigan and added an adorable 4th member to their tribe. They show all the moments: silly, dreamy, challenging. And we love all of them for their rawness.


bigbravenomad family travel instagram account

Another family that will give you some serious travel inspo. They travel all over and prove that an authentic account can also be beautifully presented. Their account has adventure, family, and all kinds of candid moments.


mommyshorts best family instagrammers

An NYC family with “average parent problems”. Gone are the days of following perfect families. Bring on the average families. Let your kids eat a snack that isn’t carrot sticks. This family keeps it real. And also brings us some enviable real estate goals in their dreamy New York location.


therobertswerehere full time RV family instagram

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like parenting out of a converted school bus, just follow this family. They have some gorgeous photography of all their candid family moments. Plus, they recently revealed they’re adding a 5th little one to their family of four kids.


unsettledown instagram travel family

They live a work from anywhere lifestyle (goals) and have two little kiddos in tow. Their feed is full of adventure and sweet, authentic moments. IF you’ve ever wondered what it’s like working remote and traveling the world with young kids, you can live vicariously through them. Or, find out how they do it and set off on your own adventure.


mom_uptown family instagram

A family of four (soon to be five) living in Connecticut. Pregnancy, parenting, food, DIY. They cover it all. And my favorite part: their pictures are genuine. They also run giveaways fairly often so if winning cool swag is your thing (isn’t that everyone’s thing?) be sure to give them a follow.


travelmamas instagram page

The Instagram page for one of the most popular travel blogs out there. You’ll find all kinds of family adventures and some really great inspiration for your own excursions. They definitely know how to make a city (and a family vacation) shine.


the_global_wizards family travel instagram

Full-time van life is becoming increasingly popular and we often wonder how families with kids do it. Fortunately, we don’t have to wonder because The Global Wizards document their life traveling all over in their camper van. Plus, they are amazing photographers to boot.


thejetsettingfamily best family travel instagram accounts

They were a full-time traveling family for two years, until they recently laid down roots in Ponte Vedra, Florida. Luckily until they set off again, you get some warm weather vibes from their life in Florida. Being big fans of silly faces ourselves, we love seeing all the fun family moments. Their feed will make you feel like instant friends.


hanging.with.the.hennens mom instagram account

Shout out to a fellow Chicago fam! This mama, who also owns a shop with baby and toddler items, fills her feed with city life. And life with her two adorable kiddos. You may even get a craft idea or two.


worldstompers best family instagram accounts

For some serious family travel wanderlust, this party of five will take you all over the world. Their feed is full of luxury and adventure travel. And as you might guess, they offer up plenty of travel tips, destination inspo, and incredibly travel photography.


heybarnettfam | family instagrammers from Cincinnati

Just your average family living and posting from Cincinnati. Except they do more than just endearing family photos. This family is a bunch. They fill their IG feed with DIY and home improvements. It’s a nice blend of kids, parenting, and wishing your house looked like theirs.


2traveldads instagram account

There’s a lot of Instagram feeds run by moms on this list so we wanted to highlight one run by two super likeable dads. They take their 2 kids on all kinds of adventures and take a lot of real, in-the-moment photos as the same time.


chrissyteigan raw motherhood instagram

The only celebrity on our list. But if ever there was an authentic celebrity family to follow, this is the one. Chrissy is raw about all things family. And she does it with a sense of humor. But she’s not afraid to discuss the more vulnerable moments – like suffering a pregnancy loss and sharing it with the world. Can’t get enough of her account as she’s not afraid to talk about the hard things.

What are your favorite family Instagram accounts?
Do you know of any families that love to keep things real?

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