Our Secondary Infertility Journey

Secondary Infertility: Our Journey

Secondary infertility is just a fancy name for continued infertility, even after a successful pregnancy. Here’s our journey…

11 Things We’ve Learned From Infertility

We’ve learned a lot about infertility over the last 5 or 6 years. About ourselves, treatment, the community. We put together a list of the most important.

Belli Patch

Belli: A Smart Way to Monitor Contractions

Bluetooth enabled baby products are popping up everywhere. It’s like there’s an app for everything: monitoring newborn sleep patterns and tracking baby weight. Even creating a detailed history of baby’s diapers. Well now, smart technology has expanded into pregnancy. Pregnant women have traditionally relied on their own gut when it comes to timing contractions. Bloom Technologies is …

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back support

Back Buddy for Support During Pregnancy & Nursing

If you are currently pregnant, planning to get pregnant, or nursing, you’ve likely heard about one of the most common and painful pregnancy and postpartum symptoms: back pain. It’s a frustrating feeling to constantly toss and turn with no relief. Doctors typically recommend different strategies like Tylenol or heating pads. Both these are legitimate solutions. Unfortunately, …

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Pregnancy Wellness: Ecocentric Mom

As an expectant mother, I have become more and more cautious about the types of products I use. This is partly because I want to ensure a happy, healthy pregnancy. But also as a larger goal to encourage a healthy household for my soon-to-be baby. I’ve come across many different types of subscription boxes (they seem …

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15 Whimsical Disney Quotes for the Nursery

Wall quotes are the perfect to brighten the room with an inspirational message! Our pick? Disney quotes! They will go wonderfully in your baby’s new digs!

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