Girl Costumes

Murder Mystery Party

After the success of our first two murder mystery parties (one with a Vegas theme and the other Titanic), we decided it was time to get the group together for another round. This time, we wanted a bigger group and more theming. They have always been a hit in the past and everyone was excited …

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Wine Bottles

Awesome Wine Awesomeness

If you’ve been following our blog, you know we like the occasional glass of wine. We’ve taken you to Napa Valley and Italy. And now we’re going to tell you about a cool little company call Wine Awesomeness. They are founded on the belief of being “More than a wine club. A monthly journey, curated …

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Daiya Cheese

Living with Baby Food Intolerance

It seems like just yesterday I was enjoying a buttery slice of Chicago deep dish pizza (if you ever visit Chicago, any true Chicagoan will tell you Lou Malnati’s is the best. And if they try to say Giordano’s, you can tell them they aren’t a true Chicagoan). I’ve never really been big into meat, so …

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Winc: Discover Your Wine Preference

Discovering which types of wines you find most enjoyable is an art. Everyone has their own style and preference. It’s not something you know right off the bat. It’s something you discover over time. Let’s be honest – that discovery process is the fun part. Plus, you’re constantly learning. Some people swear certain types of of wine gives …

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